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Mahmood, i hope you are alright. No video yesterday makes me very worried. if YT kicked you off just let us know on your website where we can find you and you know we'll be there. peace.

Mahmood just posted an update, but comments and even likes are now disabled, probably to reduce his view count. We should see his posts if we are subscribed. We should also consider sharing his videos on FB, VK, etc. and suggesting to our friends that they subscibe.

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Have you been banned from YT? No post yesterday.... curious hope you are okay inshaAllah


If you live in the UK, close to Manchester or London, you may be interested in the link below and short video from Mansour Shouman 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

May Allah protect him and bless him for all his good deeds 🤲


Can you watch this video and give me your thoughts please. All the hidden money to Israel an the defunding of UNRWA to sabotaging the United Nations hidden along side this bill


Share your thoughts with other members of the group regardin...
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