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"2048 A Manifesto For The One State Solution In Israel & Palestine" 

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Humanity as a whole is suffering; the greed of the elite has no boundaries and equality is non existent in a world that calls for universal human rights.

A perfect example of this exists in Palestine, which is very close to my heart.

My recent publication "2048 - A Manifesto For The One State Solution In Israel & Palestine" is combination of ideas and implementable steps that are necessary to solve the Israeli Palestinian conflict once and for all. I was motivated to write this book after I witnessed multiple wars and ongoing turmoil in my beloved homeland, seeing the same crimes and mistakes repeated over and over again.

There is a strong argument that Israel was established to maintain the havoc and instability in the Middle-East on a long term basis, therefore a solution that would actually bring people together does not fit the agenda of the powers who created it and repeatedly back it unequivocally.

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