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I look forward to connecting more to your work. Your awareness and solution seem eminently sane, and I appreciate you putting it into the world with such a tone of equanimity. So many of us, including myself, are struggling with how to move forward with the healing amid the current onslaught of death and destruction. The ongoing murder of the innocent by the thousands is too much to bear - for anyone with an open heart, for those of us who have dedicated our lives to ending genocide. I grew up in America with many Jewish friends and have struggled to find the right tone to educate some of those stuck in the mainstream Zionist narrative, who to this day cannot see the sick violence inherent in it. I have now spoken more clearly than ever at the cost of lifelong friendships, but now I am finding solidarity with those who ARE aware, including many Jews who know the Occupation must end, must be transformed.

Decolonization around the world is inevitable and necessary for the world to achieve a truly just and lasting peace, and it sounds like your vision points the way forward - and not only for Palestine. For America must find its way also to begin repair for its massive sins/karma. I have been shouting this for many years into a vacuum, and now it is late for the declining empire to rise beyond its vile hypocrisy to its long-repressed aspirations. Yet with Divine help, Miracles are still possible. Thank you for your efforts! - Michael

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